John Heenan is proud to have the endorsements of the following people.  This list continues to grow every day.  



(May we list your name?    Contact:  Blake Thompson at:

Mallory Ryan Absarokee, MT
Tim Thompson Absarokee, MT
Ben Krakowka Anaconda, MT
Amelia Marquez, Billings, MT
Ben and Mary Lou Marchello, Billings, MT
Bill and Nancy Boyer, Billings, MT
Blake Thompson, Billings, MT
Christl Domina, Billings, MT
Crystal (Chris) and Tom Purcell Billings, MT
Eric Nord Billings, MT
Ethan Moberly Billings, MT
Harley Cline Billings, MT
James W. Thompson Billings, MT
Representive Jessica Karjala Billings, MT
Karen and Gene Jarussi Billings, MT
Karl Schmiedeskamp Billings, MT
Leslie Converse Billings, MT
Mary Maheras Billings, MT
Mitch Bohn Billings, MT
Paul and Christl Domina Billings, MT
City Councilperson Penny Ronning Billings, MT
Rhonda Ioane Billings, MT
Richard Williams Billings, MT
Rob and Carolyn Hunter Billings, MT
Russ and Teresa Bessette Billings, MT
Ryan Scheppele Billings, MT
Stephanie Ferguson Billings, MT
Susan Guzman Billings, MT
Susan McCaughey Billings, MT
Tully Olson Billings, MT
Tyson Kreiter Billings, MT
Drs. Patrick and Carla Cobb, Billings, MT
Anthony Jackson Bozeman, MT
Domenic Cossi Bozeman, MT
Geoff Stephens Bozeman, MT
Ilen Stoll Bozeman, MT
Kyndra Nevin Bozeman, MT
Lucas Foust Bozeman, MT
Mark Geyer Bozeman, MT
Richard Bakker and Christine Roberts Bozeman, MT
Susan Quarles Bozeman, MT
Thomas Boyd Bozeman, MT
Tracy Knudsen Bozeman, MT
William Pope Bozeman, MT
Ryon Sunrhodes Brockton, MT
Dale Marceau Browning, MT
Dora Devereaux Browning, MT
Judith Laplante Browning, MT
Representive Amanda Curtis Butte, MT
Charles Nylund Butte, MT
Evan Barrett Butte, MT
Michele Shea Butte, MT
Robert Tansey Butte, MT
Rona Smith Butte, MT
Zena McGlashan Butte, MT
Patti and Mike Holm, Columbis Falls, MT
Toni Archibald Darby, MT
Harold Roberts Fortine, MT
Kathryn Helgeson
Gallatin Gateway, MT
Rose Marie Aus Glendive, MT
Barbara Zbinden Great Falls, MT
Brianne Laurin Great Falls, MT
Corrine Tucker Great Falls, MT
Gerry and Chuck Jennings Great Falls, MT
Jean McCormick Great Falls, MT
John Seidlitz Great Falls, MT
Mary Schuff Great Falls, MT
Michele Reinhart Levine Great Falls, MT
Nancy Anderson Great Falls, MT
Lori Lynn Eakle Hamilton, MT
Marilyn Johnson Hamilton, MT
William Baker Harlem, MT
Carol Ortman and John Snider Havre, MT
Erling Lynnes Havre, MT
Representive Jacob Bachmeier Havre, MT
Randy Bachmeier Havre, MT
Jonathan Motl Helena, MT
Former US Congressman Bruce Braley Iowa
Joe Rodriguez Lame Deer, MT
Deborah and Terry Hanson Miles City, MT
Sheri Hanson Parker Miles City, MT
Anne Murphy Missoula, MT
Annette Walker Missoula, MT
Genevieve Padget Slote Missoula, MT
Greg Munro Missoula, MT
Heather Harp Missoula, MT
Julie Parker Missoula, MT
Kathleen DeSoto Missoula, MT
Lon Dale Missoula, MT
Rose Hammond Missoula, MT
Sheri Postma Missoula, MT
Stephen Glueckert Missoula, MT
Sue and Tom Orr Missoula, MT
Tim Brothwell Missoula, MT
Benjamin Parenteau Monarch, MT
US Congressman Matt Cartwright Pennsylvania
Anza Ketterman Polson, MT
Ray and Marian Bradley Pryor, MT
Richard Zaharko Ryegate, MT
Brendan Donckers Seattle, WA
Darren and Janie Darby Sidney, MT
Nancy O’Donnell Three Forks, MT
Gina Carpenter Whitefish, MT
Tom and Betty Kuffel Whitefish, MT
Mike and Diane Evans Helena, MT
Tim Warner Bozeman, MT
Ron and Nancy Erickson Missoula, MT
Martin S. and Della Stauber Bozeman, MT
Anne and Fred Greene Missoula, MT
Denalie Bruins Missoula, MT
Aart Dolman Great Falls, MT
Paul Jefferson Great Falls, MT
Sydne and Mike George Great Falls, MT
Ken Toole Great Falls, MT
Bill Strizich Black Eagle, MT
Keith Marr Great Falls, MT
John Stephenson Great Falls, MT
Elaine Schoyen Great Falls, MT
Meghan Sutton Great Falls, MT
Ben Myers Great Falls, MT
Dyrck Vanhyning Great Falls, MT
Michelle Levine Great Falls, MT
Ben Greybill Great Falls, MT
Mark Kovacich Great Falls, MT
Rick Lewis Great Falls, MT
Gary Zadick Great Falls, MT
Carol and Doug Egbert Dillon, MT
Carol and Tim McKittrick Great Falls, MT
Rich Liebert Great Falls, MT
Bonnie Masters Great Falls, MT
Chris Christiaens Great Falls, MT
Barbara Bessette Great Falls, MT
Kate Ozinga Livingston, MT
Dan Vermillion Livingston, MT
Mike Bunker Livingston, MT
Denis Prager Livingston, MT
Bob Schleicher Livingston, MT
Priscilla Dysart Livingston, MT
Diana McKinlay Livingston, MT
Stella and Robert Halasa Livingston, MT
Becky Bird Livingston, MT
Michele Holden Havre, MT
Lawrence and Sheila Black Havre, MT
Pam Veis Havre, MT
Darla Kaercher Havre, MT
Dave Bekker Havre, MT
Cheree Bekker Havre, MT
Brett Moen Havre, MT
Peter Vanderven Havre, MT
Lindsey Ratliff Havre, MT
Jay Pyette Havre, MT
Curtis Smeby Havre, MT
Samantha Clawson Havre, MT
Morb Wicks Havre, MT
Janet and Jack Trethewey Havre, MT
Renelle Braaten Havre, MT
Jim Bennett Havre, MT
Beth and Joe Davidson Havre, MT
Michelle Hirst Havre, MT
Charles Gallus Havre, MT
Peggy and Doug Safley Havre, MT
Caleb Hutchins Havre, MT
Dave Martens Havre, MT
Josh Schleining Billings, MT
Kriss Erickson Billings, MT
Darryl Wilson Billings, MT
Derek Wilson Billings, MT
Sonia Davis Billings, MT
Caitlin Cromwell Billings, MT
Art and Grace Maxwell Red Lodge, MT
Sydney Ausen Billings, MT
Allan Kern Red Lodge, MT
Joel and Margie Adams Red Lodge, MT
Bryan Romeijn Red Lodge, MT
Kandy Aleksich Red Lodge, MT
Skip Aleksich Red Lodge, MT
Polly Richter Red Lodge, MT
Julie Holzer Red Lodge, MT
Dorothy Bonk Red Lodge, MT
Wanda Kennicott Red Lodge, MT
Kaye Palmer Red Lodge, MT
Representive Ellie Boldman-Hill Smith Missoula, MT
Senator Jen Gross Billings, MT
Former Senator Larry Jent Bozeman, MT